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3rd ICAS 2021

Goals & Objectives

The main objective of the international conference is to identify and understand the opportunities and challenge of the sustainable development goals in the new normal era.

  • Formulating the knowledge and experiences in regard to the sustainable development goals in the new normal era.
  • Understanding the effect in multiple perspectives such us social, politics, political economy, governance, paradigm shift, economy, business,  environmental,  security,  human   resources   management etc.
  • Creating  innovation  in  public  policy  and  administration  which  is adaptive  and  sensitive  to   the   multiplier   effect   of   decision   making and process made by the public sector  governance  in  the  pandemic era.
  • Developing networking and partnership with international academicians, expertise and professionals in arrange of filed in business, public policy, administration, political economy, development etc.


The  benefits  of  this  international  conference  are:

  • Conducting the well-known international conference in administrative science in addressing the current issues in the pandemic era
  • Presenting and publishing opportunities which will be selected by editorial board. The publication of the proceedings will be carried out by EUDL from EAI. The European Union Digital Library (EUDL) is the central repository for all content published by the different branches of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). EUDL also hosts or indexes content from selected partner or member organizations and affiliates. Our proceedings will be published in EAI Computing and Communication in Emerging Regions (EAI CCER). EAI Computing and Communication in Emerging Regions are open access proceedings focused on bringing research from emerging regions, with topics covering up to Operations, Management and Policy.
  • Selected papers will be directed to some journals indexed by Scopus
  • Raising the number of publications for lecturers, professionals, master and doctoral students